Business Visa

Business Innovation and Investment (Provicional) Visa (subclass 188)

This visa includes four streams and it allows applicant who want to own and manager a brand new or existing business in Australia, which includes investing in Australia.

the main four streams for this type of visa includes:

  • Business Innovation Stream;

  • Investor Stream;

  • Significant Investor Stream; and

  • Premium Investor Stream.

This Business Visa Subclass 188 allows visa applicant to establish a new or develop an existing business and/or invest in Australia. Visa applicant can make a designated investment with an Australian state or territory government or make and maintain complying investments in Australia.

As a Subclass 188 visa holder, visa applicant and family members have unrestricted traveling rights to travel in and out of Australia during the life of the visa and subject to the visa conditions granted by the Department of Home Affairs of Australia.

This Subclass 188 Business Visa is the first stage towards a permanent Subclass 888 Business Visa.