Resident Return Visa

The Resident Return visa is suitable for current or former Australian citizens and permanent residents who want to travel overseas and return to Australia retaining their permanent residents’ status.


This visa is for:

  • Former or current Australian permanent residents;

  • Former Australian citizens.


There are two subclasses for Resident Return Visa namely:


  • Resident Return Visa subclass 155 (Five Years Resident Return); and

  • Resident Return Visa subclass 157 (Three Month Resident Return).


Only Australian citizens have a mandatory right of entry to Australia. Australia permanent residents will need a valid visa that allows them to enter and remain in Australia.


This Resident Return Visa subclass is suitable for Australian permanent residents which their current permanent visa is about to expire or has expired. This is a permanent visa that has a travel capability that allow a visa holder travel to and from Australia for a period up to five years or three months (it depends on the visa subclass and the visa applicant’s circumstances) from the date it is granted. It also allow the visa holder to remain in Australia. Please note, there are two types of Resident Return Visa and each has a different visa conditions and period of travel allowed.


Once a permanent resident’s visa has expired, the travel facility is invalidated and the previous visa holder will need to apply for, and be granted, another permanent visa prior to leaving Australia and return to Australia as a permanent resident to avoid unnecessary hassle to return Australia without a valid visa.


For more information about obtaining this Resident Return Visa, including eligibility for obtaining this visa. Please contact us to schedule a free assessment. The circumstances and eligibility to grant a Resident Return Visa is subject the current legislation in effective.